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Surrounding areas of Albena

Besides the village of Obrochishte mentioned in the section about

Balchik, nearby   is the village of Kranevo with remains of the

ancient fortress Kranea and Gerania. There are many youth and school

camps, as well as running mineral water in the village. The shore

between Albena and Kranevo is high and extremely picturesque with

sharply cut rocky formations. There are a lot of vine yards and small

private gardens on the shore. The prices in Kranevo are far cheaper

than those in Albena, besides there is a great capacity of private

lodgings for foreign and Bulgarian tourists. The holiday-makers lodged

in Kranevo often go to the beaches of Albena during the day.


Albena and Kranevo are the three big camping sites offering

accommodation to tourists in bungalows and tents. There is a direct

asphalt road through the area of Baltata connecting Kranevo and Albena.

In the past the road was used by villains.

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