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Landmarks of Balchik

Apart  from the palace, the palace complex and the botanical garden the biggest and most diverse in the Balkans, the town is attractive to tourists  with its ancient atmosphere that has been preserved for centuries now. It is interesting to walk along and observe the Tartar Quarter with the pebbled streets and the houses made of stone and adobe.

The Palace Complex consists of the central palace with a high tower, numerous buildings in a modern style at the time, a many-terrace park, lanes and paths, stone summer-houses propped on marvellous columns facing the sea, a throne under an old tree where Queen Maria loved to sit and watch the sunset, a small chapel where her heart is preserved. There are more than 3000 rare and exotic species of plants in the botany garden.  It is part of the teaching facilities of Sofia University.  The whole complex was called Tenha Yuva (Quiet Nest).

The art gallery of the town is very interesting.  The is the local museum is housed there as well. The coastal alley, 4 km long, is a nice place to stroll, so are the harbour and the small streets around. There is a small ethnographic museum and a beautiful old church called St. Nikola Church. The Revival complex with the old school in the town is quite well preserved.

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