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Surrounding areas of Balchik

The area of Touzlata is located 4 km east of the town and is well known for its curing mud.  A balneo-centre was built here beside the two lakes, formed by old landslides.  It receives patients suffering from joint disorders. A large recreational complex, a lot of villas, bungalows and a camping site are built here.  There is a mineral spring with water temperature of 31C.  Near Balchik are the two big camping sites Sandrino Camping and Beliyat Bryag Camping (The White Shore). They offer various opportunities for rest and water sports, clubs, bars, numerous bungalows for tourists having no camping equipment, small restaurants and stalls for sea and continental food.

Fifteen kilometres south-west of Balchik is the village of Obrochishte with a well-preserved fortress dating back to the early Ottoman rule. Travellers of that time used to compare it with the beauty of Baghdad.

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