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The mouth of the Kamchia River is one of the most beautiful sights along Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is situated 34 km south of Varna and 504 km east of Sofia. The region is typical with its spacious beaches, starting from the area called Paletsa (The Thumb) in the north and ending to Cape Black near the village of Shkorpilovtsi in the south.

The recently built resort complex forks at the river mouth into Northern Kamchia and Southern Kamchia. The merging of two small rivulets springing from the Eastern Stara Planina Mountain - Louda Kamchia and Golyama Kamchia, forms the Kamchia River. Running down through the Balkan Mountain it meanders through a grove called Longoza (thick by-river grove). Over 40 species of beautiful trees, many species of bushes grow in the forest. Ferns, reed and yellow water lilies also grow here. Some tourists claim that the place is the earths paradise; others call it a fairy tale place. The Ropotamo River, Dyavolska River (Devils) and Veleka River have similar geological structure - sandstone, clay loam formations covered with wild vegetation in the quiet and large firth. Once Kamchia was called Panisos and the Slavs called it Ticha. Its contemporary name is of Kouman origin. The Romans built a stronghold called Erite on its left bank. The Lipovani tribe settled on its banks; actually they were offspring of Russian followers of the Gregorian Calendar who came here from the mouth of the Danube. Nowadays the frequently flooded area is a reserve that is under the protection of UNESCO. The reserve is 40 km in length (throughout Longoza to the river mouth) and 5 km in width in some of its parts. There are does, deer, sea hawks and eagles, wild boars, wild cats, etc.

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