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Surrounding Areas of Shabla

The archaeological excavations at Cape Shabla (about 5 km east of the town) are the most interesting site for the visitors. The foundations of an ancient Roman fortress may be seen and despite being a small one it had been an important centre of commercial contacts with the other settlements along the Black Sea coast. The Lake of Shabla is situated 3 km away of the town and it is a wonderful place for fishing and recreation. It is the nestling site for more than 100 000 wild geese. Nearby the town one can visit the Ezerets Dam. By the fishermens settlement of Krapets (16 km north-east of the town) there is a camping site. The Dourankoulak Moor is further northwards and is famous for being a reserve for a number of marsh birds, some of them are registered in the Red Book of the fauna species in Bulgaria. On the big island in the Dourankoulak Moor the remains of the biggest Eneolithic settlement in Europe were excavated, as well as many other finds dating back to various periods of human civilization. There is a camping site, too. Nearby the town of Shable is the yachting club where the annual yacht-regatta along the Black Sea coast starts.

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