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Catering in Sozopol

The traditional establishments are the small coastal restaurants, small private places both in the old and new part of the town, the stalls for fish, the pizza-huts, the snack-bars scattered all over the camping sites. Interesting catering establishments are Vyaturnata Melnitsa (The Windmill), Sozopol Tavern, Athens Tavern, the restaurants Xantana, Neptun, Drouzhba Fishing Boat, Orpheus, Olymp and Lilia. Some of them are very interesting as they are built on ancient remains and houses after detailed archaeological research and restorations. Such an example is Stenata Restaurant (The Wall) whose basements were used as a warehouse for grain far back in time, and Kladenetsa Restaurant (The Well) which was built at the place of a spring, which supplies the town with drinking water via water pipes. The prices at the restaurants are high, moderate prices one can enjoy at the camping sites and in the small restaurants along the beach. There are a lot of grocers and marketplaces. One could buy fish directly from the fishermen at the quay. 

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