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Landmarks of Sozopol

The landmarks in Sozopol are many, but none of them can be separated from the rest since all of them impact the visitors as an attractive ensemble. The ancient churches from the Revival Period - St. Zosim Church and The Holy Virgin Church. The following houses are quite interesting: the house of Dimitur Laskaridis (17th century, now an art gallery), a fish trader, Ana Trendafilovas (the house with the sun), of Kourtidis, Lina Psarianovas (now arranged as Stenata Restaurant), of Grandmother Koukoulissa Hadzhinikolova (today housing the office of Sturshel Newspaper), Metropolievs House (a medical centre at present), of Kreanoolu, etc. The old cobbled streets and high fences in front of which the old women sit and chat, knit laces and sell fig jam, are inseparable elements of a whole complex of three-centuries of history. Interesting places to visit are the Archaeological Museum and the Art Gallery.

At the beginning of September each year the town hosts the big Apolonia International Art Festival.

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