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Accommodation in Varna

Varna offers a virtually unlimited number of accommodation facilities. A well - known joke says that in summer Varna grows to the dimensions of Sofia whereas Sofia shrinks to the dimensions of Varna. As a rule the greater part of holiday-makers put up at private lodgings. There are several Accommodation Bureaus in the city which all exchange current information. The hotels at the disposal of the guests are a great number and continuously increase. Luxury hotels are the Cherno More Hotel, Odessa Hotel, Varnenski Bryag Hotel. The Moussala Hotel and the Orbita Hotel are cheaper ones. The latter is a hotel for international youth tourism. There are about 60 private hotels, most of them are 1- or 2-star hotels. The prices there are moderate. One of the best is the Breeze-II Hotel nearby Pochivka bus stop. Private lodgings can also be found directly not through the lodging offices.

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