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Transport to Varna

The fastest way to get to Varna is by airplan, it takes 50 min from Sofia to Varna. Varnas airport functions throughout the year. Planes in both directions fly 6 or 7 times a day during the summer. The airports phone number is 052 573323; the Balkan Ticket Office answers the phone number 052 222248. The sea station provides sea buses to Balchik, Slanchev Bryag (Sunny Beach), Nessebur and Bourgas. The railway stations phone number is 052 630414. The phone number of the booking office is 052 632347.

Varna is connected to all of the main railway lines in the country. There are express trains to Sofia and Plovdiv that reach for 7 and 4.30 hours respectively. Seats are limited so it is advisable to book sleeping car tickets a week before. The bus station is 1.5 km away from the city centre. Its phone number is 052 448349. Buses for all the main destinations in the country start including Sofia from here. The Group Private Bus Company offers bus lines to all destinations (tel.: 052 256734). Buses travel to Athens and Istanbul as well as to some cities in Central and Eastern Europe. Their bus stop is in front of the cathedral. Varnas public transport offers over 60 bus lines that travel to various destinations. Some of the buses travel to the nearby resorts (20 km away from the city). There are trolley buses available in the city as well.

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