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Accommodation in Apriltsi

The Loven Dom Hotel (Hunters House) (Vidima Quarter, 10 beds, everything needed for hunting on offer). The Tihiyat Kut Hotel (the Quite Corner) (10 beds in 5 double rooms). Matev Hotel, family type of hotel (10 beds). Zora Chalet (Dawn) (in the Zora Quarter, past the road fork to the quarter of Vidima, 57 beds in 1 suite and rooms with 3, 4, 5, 8 and more beds). Vidima Chalet (in the southern end of the quarter of Vidima, 54 beds in 1 suite and rooms with 3, 4 and 5 beds).

There are private homes, which offer accommodation as well: Tsonevski (6 beds in 3 double rooms), Turnovski ( 2beds), Perkovi (4 beds in 2 double rooms), Nikolova (4 beds). Catering is offered at all hotels, chalets and private lodgings.

Tourist information - in the Regional Tourist Bureau  5641 Apriltsi (102, V. Levski Street, Stara Planina block, tel./fax: 06958 3249). At the Balkan Tourist Association. At the hotels, at the tourist chalets.

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