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Surrounding areas of Apriltsi

Batoshevo Monastery (20 km to the north-east of Apriltsi and 4 km to the south of the village of Batoshevo). It was founded during the 13th century under the reign of the Bulgarian Tsar Mihail Assen (1248-1258). It was destroyed during the Ottoman invasion in the 14th century and rebuilt in 1838. It was wall-painted in 1869. Father Matei Preobrazhenski Mitkaloto (the Wanderer) and Bacho Kiro studied in the monastery school. The church built up in the style of the Bulgarian Revival, the icons painted in the style of Tryavna icon-painting school and the great wood-carved iconostasis are remarkable. All the buses going in the direction of Sevlievo stop here.

The village of Batoshevo (at the distance of about 25 km to the north-east of Apriltsi). This is one of the villages whose population took most active part in the April (Novoselo) Uprising. There is a monument to those glorious and tragic days. All the buses passing between Apriltsi and Sevlievo stop here.

The monument in the Ravni Bunar area (along the northern slopes of Mt. Rousalka, known also as Mt. Mara Gidik, above Ostrets Quarter). Here on 11th May 1876 one of the last battles between the Novoselo rebels with Tsanko Dyustabanov at the head and the Turkish hordes pursuing them took place here. It can be reached on foot solely along the marked track from the quarter of Ostrets leading to Mt. Rousalka and the Tuzha Chalet. The town of Apriltsi is one of the most important points of departure for hiking trails around the highest and beautiful part of the Central Stara Planina Mountain - the Kalofer Balkan Mountain, at the head with the leader of the whole mountain  Mt. Botev (refer to the Stara Planina Mountain related chapter herein).

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