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Landmarks in Dryanovo

The Kolyu Ficheto Museum (in the eastern part of the town, Kolyu Ficheto Square, tel.: 0676 2079, also known as a museum of the Bulgarian Revival Architecture), in front of which the impressive bronze figure of the self-educated genius rises, work of the sculptor Boris Gondov. The home of the Master was not preserved. Lafchievs House (the eastern part of the town, Kolyu Ficheto Square) of 1840, is a genuine masterpiece of the Revival Architecture. Even a nail was not used in its construction. The Holy Trinity Church is remarkable for its magnificent wood-carved ceilings. The Saint Nikola Church, built up by Kolyu Ficheto, is located in the central part of the town. Elevated on the Bryasta ridge (the Elm-tree), at its time it dominated over the whole town. Interesting buildings of the old-time Dryanovska charshiya (marketplace), as well as the restored houses - Ikonomovs, Afazovs, Romounovs, Taninovs in the Boiuv Yaz area are preserved. The Clock Tower (the old one was destroyed in 1944) and the Art Gallery (Shipka Street) are located in the centre of Dryanovo, near to each other. 

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