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Accommodation in Gabrovo

The Balkan Hotel (in the centre of the town, 14, Emil Manolov Street). The Panorama Hotel (also in the centre, 18, Benkovska Street). The Corona Hotel (in the Etura Quarter, 27, Grigorovska Street). The Stranopriemnitsa (The Inn) Hotel (in the architectural ethnographic complex of Etura). Private house White River (in the quarter of Aprilovo). 

Tourist information - in the Gabrovo Municipal Tourist Information Bureau (5300 Gabrovo, 2, Vuzrazhdane Square, tel./fax: 066 28483). The Regional Tourist Bureau is located at the same address (tel./fax: 066 29161), which can provide information not only about Gabrovo but about the towns of Teteven, Troyan, Apriltsi and Tryavna, included in Stara Planina Association. Uzana Tourist Society. Chardafon Hunters'Society (65A, Svishtovska Street, tel.: 066 23459), and at the hotels, too. 

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