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Surrounding areas of Gabrovo

One can admire the panoramic view to the town and have a look at the ruins of the old fortress wall in the Gradishte area - at the distance of 3 km from Gabrovo.

The Assumption Sokolski Monastery (4 km from Etura and 12 km south-east from the centre of Gabrovo) was built in 1833with donations by the citizens of Gabrovo and Bulgarians in immigration. Its foundation and activity further on are closely connected to the name of Yossif Sokolski. The Monastery turned into an educational centre and Neofit Bozveli was a teacher there. In 1856 the detachment of armed volunteers of Dyado Nikola found shelter here. After the defeat 8 of the revolutionaries were hanged in the cave by the monastery. The place of these gallows is a channel-house now and the hooks for the ropes are hammered into the wall. Later on (1868) Master Koliu Ficheto erected a stone drinking-fountain with eight fountain heads which slakes the thirst of the exhausted traveller. During the rebellious spring of 1876 the detachment of 220 rebels of Tsanko Dyustabanov was blessed in the monastery before it set off on the way to immortality. Before that the Apostle Vassil Levski found shelter here, too. During the Russian-Turkish War of Liberation the monastery was turned into a military hospital. A modest museum collection preserves relics from the struggles for enlightenment and freedom. Old icons painted by the hand of Zakhari Zograf complete the precious exhibits of the museum. There is bus transport available or one can walk to the museum from Etura along a marked track for 1-1.30 hours.

The Liuliatsite Resort is situated at the distance of 15 km west of Gabrovo whose name is related to the abundance of lilac within the region. The climate is favourable to some pulmonary diseases. There is a rest house, private and institutional country-houses, catering establishments. A marked hiking track starts from here in the direction of the central ridge of Stara Planina which joins the Kom-Emine route along the ridge of Stara Planina Mountain. There is a regular bus transport.

Uzana Mountain Resort is situated at the distance of 22 km south-west of the town on the ridge of Stara Planina (Shipka Balkan Mountain) - there are institutional holiday houses, several hotels, 3  chalets, a ski-lift, a base of the Mountain Rescue Service, catering establishments. The geographic centre of Bulgaria is located within the region, too and is marked with a memorial sign. There are regular buses during the holidays.

The historical Shipka Pass is situated at the distance of 21 km south of Gabrovo and the Monument to Freedom is located above it (refer to the Kazanluk related section herein). The historical Mt. Bouzloudzha is at the distance of 12 km east of the pass (refer to the Kazanlak related section herein). All buses running between Gabrovo and Kazanluk stop at the Shipka Pass and there is no regular transport to Bouzloudzha. The village of Bozhentsi  an architecture and ethnographic reserve  is situated 15 km east of Gabrovo (refer to the Tryavna related section herein). Gabrovo is a key point of departure for hiking routes around the Shipka Balkan Mountain (refer to the Stara Planina related chapter herein).

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