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Accommodation in Lovech

The Lovech Hotel (12, Turgovska Street). The Orbita-2 Hotel (2-star, in the Varosha Quarter). The Hissarya Hotel (51, Turgovska Street).  Stratesh Tourist House (in the Stratesh Park, 66 beds in two suites and rooms with 2 and 3 beds). Bash Bounar Tourist Hostel (a 30-minute walk from the centre into the direction of Troyan, in the Presechena Skala area (Cut Rock), it may be reached with the town transport, too and a 10-minute walk, 74 beds in rooms with 3, 4 and more beds).

Tourist information - In the Council on Tourism (5500 Lovech, 51, Turgovska Street, at Hissarya Hotel, room No. 105, tel.: 068 23821, 23364). In the Stratesh Tourist Association (10, Prof. Ishirkov Street, tel.: 068 24663). At the hotels, at the tourist house and at the tourist hostel. 

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