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Landmarks in Nikopol

The drinking-fountain of Elia (Syutliika), built up during the 2nd century by the ordinary citizen of Rome Frontona in memory of his early deceased wife Elia, who gave vent to his grief in verse over the stone. During the 19th century archaeologist Dijardin, moved by all that, placed another inscription. A nice lane takes us to the fountain nowadays.

Shishmans fortress - remains from the fortress, defended by the last Bulgarian Tsar before the Turkish invasion - Ivan Shishman. One of the gates to the fortress, called Shishmans Gate, is very well preserved.

The old St. St. Peter and Pavel Church dates back to the 13th century. The house in which Vassil Levski was hiding during his visit to the town on the way to Romania is preserved, too. In the house of Tsvyatko Smolyanov one can see the epitaph of the author of  Abagar (the first printed book in the Cyrillic alphabet published in Rome in 1651) - the Catholic Bishop Philip Stanislavovitch who died in 1654.

The Monument to the Russian soldiers who died during the Russian-Turkish War of Liberation, led by General Studler-Krinder rises on one of the town hills. There are several houses of the Bulgarian Revival period, which were declared as cultural monuments in the town as well.

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