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Landmarks in Pleven

Almost all landmarks them are related to the Russian-Turkish War of Liberation. About 200 monuments remind to the generations about the most sanguinary battles, which took place here. In the centre of the town there is a Mausoleum-Charnel House dedicated to the Russian and Romanian soldiers killed during the war (5, Vuzrazhdane Square, tel.: 064 30033). It was solemnly opened on 16th September 1907 in the presence of General Stoletov (the Commanding Officer of the Bulgarian volunteer forces). The architect of this outstanding monument is Pencho Koichev, and Prof. Ivan Truvnishki made the wood-carved lime-tree iconostasis. The iconostasis was highly acknowledged at the Paris exposition in 1906. Prof. Murkvichka and Prof. A. Mitov painted the icons. The Mausoleum is 24 m high. The Museum of the Liberation of Pleven is not far from there (157, V. Levski Street, tel.: 064 22435).

The Skobelev Park was built up in the south-west part of the town, on a low hill (in the place of the old-time redoubts Isa aga and Kovanluka). Bratskata Mogila (common grave) (which preserves the bones of thousands Russian soldiers) as well as a lot of militant relics of that time is situated among its greenery and lanes. The renowned Pleven Epic 1877 Panorama is situated at the top of the hill, too (tel.: 064 37306), created in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Pleven Epic on analogy of the Borodin Panorama in Moscow. Through its original combination of artistic paintings, sculpture, authentic articles and explanatory texts, it provides for a sufficiently clear idea of the development of the events, especially those related to the third assault of the town.

The Kovanluk second redoubt and the Murtvata Dolina (Death Valley) where over 6000 Russian and Romanian soldiers found their death are situated not far from the Skobelev Park. �e Totleben rampart in Kailuka. The Monument to Victory raises on the high hill past the Vit River, and the bridge of the river where the white flag of the defeated Osman Pasha waved is under it.

The Town Museum of History (3, Stoyan Zaimov Street, tel.: 064 22623, 22691, 23569) is situated in the green zone on the left bank of the Touchenitsa River, not far from the centre. The remarkable monument to the citizens of Pleven who died in the Serbian - Bulgarian War of 1885 is situated in the small garden opposite it. Museum of the Hunters and Fishermens Society (15-17, D. Popov Blvd.). The Town Art Gallery (75, Doiran Blvd, tel.: 064 38342). Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery (at the beginning of the steps leading to the Skobelev Park, 1, Gen. Skobelev Blvd., tel.: 064 30030, 30090).

There are two theatres in Pleven - Theatre of Drama (155, Vassil Levski Str., tel.: 064 34376, 22087) and the Puppet Theatre (14, Tsar Simeon Street, tel.: 064 24121, 28807).

The unique of its kind Kailuka Park is situated in the immediate proximity of the town on the south in the valley of the Tuchenitsa River. Sheer rocks, over 20 metres high (here rock climbing races are held), exuberant vegetation, lakes, swimming pools, lanes, recreation corners, sports playgrounds, the eccentric Peshtera (Cave) Restaurant and another tourist infrastructure make it a favourite place for the citizens of Pleven and the visitors of the town.

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