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Surrounding areas of Pleven

The village of Grivitsa, a railway station on the railway line Sofia - Varna (Rousse) is situated at the distance of 6 km to the east of the town. During the War of Liberation sanguinary battles between Russians and Romanians on the one hand and the Turks, in defence of Pleven took place within the region of the village. A mausoleum in memory of the Romanian soldiers killed here was built in the village after the liberation. It is located amongst a spacious park with a lot of monuments and a common grave. One can go there from the town by a passenger train or by bus.

The town of Pordim is situated at the distance of 21 km to the east of Pleven. The General Headquarters of the Russian Army and of Emperor Alexander II was located here during the War of Liberation. The General Headquarters of the Russian Army Museum was set up here. There is another museum - Romanian Soldier 1877-1878, set up in the immediate proximity of a little house (preserved in its original appearance up to date) which accommodated the Headquarters of the Romanian units during the siege of Pleven. Pordim is also a station on the Sofia - Varna (Rousse) railway line. There is regular bus transport.

A green zone was arranged around Pleven of about 25 thousand decares, including the parks of Kailuka, General Lavrov, General Genetski, Grivitsa and others, which, serve as a filter against air pollution as well. The village of Vulchitrun is situated at the distance of 22km south-east of Pleven, in which the Vulchitrun gold treasure was found in 1924- a priceless monument of the late Bronze Era in our country. It is preserved in the National Museum of History in Sofia. There is a regular bus transport to the village both from the town and from Pordim.

The town of Dolni Dubnik - a town at the distance of 15 km to the west of Pleven with a lot of monuments from Pleven Epic. It is the greatest oil filed deposit in Bulgaria, natural gas is yielded here, too. The three dams in its surroundings are a favourite place for recreation, water motor sports, water tourism, and fishing. It is a station at the railway line of Sofia - Varna (Rousse). There are bus connections with Pleven.

The village of Gorni Dubnik (at the distance of 23 km to the west of Pleven), also a station at the railway line of Sofia - Varna (Rousse). Great battles during the War of Liberation took place here, too. The General V. N. Lavrov Park-Museum is located in the proximity of the village in the area  connected with one of the most important moments related to the siege of Pleven. A lot of Russian soldiers headed by the regimental commander Lavrov found their death here. Today there lots of monuments and common graves reminding of those dramatic days when Bulgarian freedom was born. In addition to railway transport  it can be reached by bus, too.

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