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Landmarks in Rousse

About 200 building in Rousse are considered part of architectural historical heritage of Bulgaria, 12 of which are especially valuable. In the first place this is the Dohodnoto Zdanie (The Profitable Building) with the winged Mercury on its roof (the Old Theatre), built in 1902 by the architects Raul Brank, Georg Lang and Frank Scholts, which together with the Monument to Freedom (1908), a remarkable work of the architect and sculptor from Florence Arnoldo Zocci, are the symbols of Rousse. The following are also among the most outstanding cultural and historical monuments: The High School of Music; the Catholic Church (Episkop Bossilkov Street, tel.: 082 228188) with coloured stained-glass; the buildings of the Savings Bank, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Lyuben Karavelov Library), the boys high school Knyaz Boris (now a secondary vocational school Hristo Botev); The house of the sailor; the Regional Administration (granted for a museum); The Club of the Culture Functionaries; The Duty-Free Zone Administration; the Simeonovs Brothers House. The native home of Elias Kaneti is located at 13, Gurko Street.

Rousse is a town of the museums: The Pantheon of the National Revival Heroes (tel.: 082 28913); The Town Museum of History; the Baba Tonka Museum (phone: 082 32364); the Zakhari Stoyanov House-Museum; Toma Kurdzhiev House-Museum; The Museum of the Town Lifestyle arranged in Kaliopas House (tel.: 082 27742). The National Museum of Transport and Communications is housed in the building of the oldest railway station of Bulgaria. Carriages of Sultan Abdul Aziz, of Tsar Ferdinand and Tsar Boris III are preserved in it. The Town Art Gallery.

The ancient sites of interest of the town also include Leventabia Fortress (a restaurant complex now), the Kyuntukapiya Gate from Mitiriza, the Mahmoud Column, the Holy Trinity Church (8, Holy Trinity Square) dating back to the beginning of the 17th century, the Fleet Tower, built in 1884 by architect Franz Gruenanger for meteorological observations. There are monuments to those killed in the Serbian-Bulgarian War of 1885, to Russophilles, to Baba Tonka, to Lyuben Karavelov, Stefan Karadzha, Raycho Nikolov, etc.

There is an Opera House in Rousse (Sveta Troitsa Square, tel.: 082 234303, 225358), a Philharmonic Orchestra (12, Rayko Daskalov Street, tel.: 082 225680), Theatre of Drama and a Puppet Theatre. The International Festival March Days of Music is annually held in the town.

There is a higher educational institution, too  the University of Rousse.

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