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Surrounding areas of Rousse

Prista Western Park is located at the distance of 6 km from Rousse along the road to the town of Byala. There are beautiful deciduous forests, well shaped lanes, tourist can visit the the Danubian island of Lyulyaka, Prista Chalet, Lyulyaka Camping, the Danube Motel, Ribarska Koliba (Fishermans hut) - interesting restaurant. There are town bus lines  No. 6 and No. 16 running to the park. Another big site for recreation, sports, tourism, sunbathing and all other kinds of entertainment is situated at the distance of 12 km east of Rousse  the Lipnik Forest Park. There are country houses, restaurants, artificial lakes, a hotel, a zoo corner, a sports base and a camping site. There is a town bus line functioning in this direction.

Obraztsov Chiflik (Exemplary Farm) is situated at the distance of 3 to 4 km from the Lipnik Forest Park and possesses beautiful deciduous forests, fertile land and vineyards (an example of the economic development in the past) and two little sprightly tourist chalets  Zdravets Chalet (40 beds in 1 suite and in 2-, 4-, 5-, 6- and 9-bed rooms, tel.: 082 233609) and Minzuhar Chalet (45 beds in 2-, 3-, 5- and 14-bed rooms, tel. for reservations - in the Prista Tourist Association, Rousse). There is a regular bus line (Rousse - Obrzatsov Chiflik) and one can walk to the Minzuhar Chalet in 30 minutes from the last stop and another 30 minutes to the Zdravets Chalet along a marked track.

The Roussenski Lom River Valley, along with its tributaries Beli (White), Malki (Little) and Cherni (Black) Lom represents a unique world in itself in which the amazing nature is entwined into out remote past history. Part of the valley with the territory of 3260 hectares was proclaimed a Natural Park (at the distance of 20 km south of Rousse). The rivers have created incredibly beautiful gorges into the limestone rock foundation. It is genuine joy for the eyes and real paradise for rock climbers.

One of the most significant military, economic and cultural centres of Bulgaria during the 13th and the 14th centuries was located there the Medieval Town of Cherven (on the right bank of the Cherni Lom River, by the name of the same village, at the distance of 31 km south of Rousse). Out of the preserved ruins most interesting are the parts of the fortified walls, the defensive tower (used as a model for the restoration of the Baldwin Tower on Tsarevets Hill in Veliko Turnovo), the two gates, the castle, the foundations of a great number of churches, the foundations of the boyar palaces, the two unique in their kind water pumping facilities with vaulted staircases, etc. There is a regularly functioning bus transport to the village.

Many monks-hermits settled down in the valley during the late Middle Ages. Whole monastery complexes were created there - Ivanovski, Maluk Rai (Little Paradise), Golyam Rai (Great Paradise), Koshouta (Doe) and churches with exquisite mural paintings, a part of which was preserved. The mural paintings of the Ivanovski Rock Churches (on the Roussenski Lom River) are one of the summits of Medieval Bulgarian Art (work of masters from the Turnovo School of Painting). In 1983 they were entered into the cultural list of UNESCO protected sites. There is a regularly functioning bus transport to the village of Ivanovo.

The Alpinist Chalet is situated on the bank of the Roussenski Lom River, at the distance of 6 km south of the Prista Chalet (14 beds on plank-beds and 6 bungalows with 36 beds in 2-, 3- and 4-bed rooms, reservations at Prista Tourist Association, Rousse) with perfect possibilities for rock climbing along routes with different categories of difficulty. It is located at the distance of 1 km south-east along an asphalt road from the village of Bassarbovo. There is regular bus transport to the village.

The Bassarbovo Monastery is situated at the distance of 2 km from the chalet. The village of Pissanets with the Mamoulya rock phenomenon and the strongly fortified Pissansko gradishte (ruins of an ancient town) are situated at the distance of about 25 km south of Rousse, on the banks of the Beli Lom River. There is regular bus transport to that site.

The Danube River provides great opportunities for recreation, water sports, water tourism, fishing and  lots of entertainment. There are wonderful little places, like the islands of Lyulyaka and Mateya, the riverside at Stulpishte, Marten and so on. The shelters for accommodation are not few in number, there are attractive public catering establishments, sports bases, tourist chalets, beaches and all of them are accessible either by car or by public transport.

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