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Landmarks in Svishtov

In Svishtov there are more than 120 archaeological, art and architectural monuments of culture of local and national significance. The Town Museum of History (tel.: 0631 22888), considered one of the museums in Bulgaria (1856).

The Ethnographic Museum (tel.: 0631 22448). The Aleko Konstantinov House-Museum (not far from the centre, tel.: 0631 25452), in which the heart of the great Bulgarian is preserved in a glass vessel.

The Holy Trinity Church (1867, in the centre of the town, tel.: 0631 25492) is the most interesting architectural monument. It was the work of the great Bulgarian builder of the Revival period usta Koliu Ficheto (usta  master). The citizen of Svishtov Nikolay Pavlovich painted the icons. The temple suffered a lot during the earthquake in 1977 but in 1992 its restoration was completed. The ancient St. Dimitur Church (1640) and St. St. Peter and Pavel Church (1644). Bulgarian masters erected the clock tower (1760, in the centre of the town). The School of Hristaki Pavlovich (1815). The House of Peace, in which in 1791 an Austrian-Turkish Separation Peace Treaty was signed. The old Revival houses  Sladkarovs, Danailovs, Hrulevs, Bruchkovs, Cherkezovs, Radoslavovs, the house of the Subevs Brothers, etc. 

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