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Surrounding areas of Teteven

Teteven is one of the most picturesque Bulgarian towns. It is surrounded by crown of mountain peaks  Mt. Treskavets, Mt. Ostrich, Mt. Cherven, Mt. Kon, Mt. Haidoushka Polyana, Mt. Petrahilia and others. The panorama of the town is quite impressive and characteristic and it remains in the visitors mind to the end of his life. The rocky vertical precipices of Petrahilya (an Alpine mountaineering site) are particularly spectacular. There is a marked tourist track up to its peak.

The village of Ribaritsa (at 12 km to the east) is one of the longest villages in Bulgaria and it is a famous mountainous resort. There are a lot of holiday homes, country-houses, private hotels, and public catering establishments. It is among the key points of departure for hiking tours in the Teteven Balkan (refer to the Stara Planina Mountain related chapter herein). The place of death and the monument to Georgi Benkovski killed by the Turks on 25th May 1876 are located on the right bank of the Kostina River. Every year on this date celebrations are held where actors reproduce the events, which took place immediately before the death of the Voivoda. There is a regular bus line between the village and Teteven.

The area of Prossechenik (beside the Beli Vit River, on the road to the village of Ribaritsa, at the distance of 6 km from the town) offers perfect conditions for recreation during the summer months. The buses for the village of Ribaritsa have a stop there. The waterfall of the Koznitsa River (a left tributary of the Beli Vit River) is located at the distance of 3 km to the south of Teteven. The asphalt road does not go to the waterfall itself and one is to walk along a path along the river. The monument erected at the place of death of Sava Mladenov is also located beside the Koznitsa River (on its left bank), at 8 km to the south of Teteven. A marked track strays from the asphalt road, crosses the river and it takes 5 minutes to get to the historical site. There is no regular bus transport to it.

Momina Poliana Chalet, with the exceptionally beautiful countryside around it is located on the northern slopes of the Teteven Balkan Mountain. A point of departure to it is the village of Cherni Vit (13 km south-west from the town), to which there is a regular bus transport. It takes about 4 hours to get to the chalet on foot.

The Teteven Balkan is included in the territory of the Central Balkan Mountain National Park. The two nature reserves  Boatin (within the territory of the village of Cherni Vit) and Tsarichina  (within the territory of the village of Ribaritsa) are located within its framework in the proximity of Teteven. The big village of Glozhene is situated at the distance of 12 km to the north west of Teteven. The historical Glozhen Monastery is located above it (refer the Yablanitsa related section herein).

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