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Transport to Veliko Turnovo

The town of the old Metropolis is connected with bus and a railway transport. There are regular bus lines to Sofia, Gabrovo, Rousse, Lovech, Kazanlak, Tryavna, Dryanovo, Sevlievo, Gorna Oryahovitsa (a town bus line), Lyaskovets (a town bus line), Pavlikeni, Turgovishte, Popovo, Byala and other smaller settlements within the region. The bus station (86, Nikola Gabrovski Street, tel.: 062 40908) and the central railway station (tel.: 062 620065) are far from each other, the first being located in the western end of the town, and the second - in the southern end of the town immediately under the Sveta Gora Hill. There is another railway station - Trapezitsa, north-west under the hill of the same name. Both stations are at they main railway line Rousse - Gorna Oryahovitsa - Stara Zagora - Podkova. Moreover, the railway station of Gorna Oryahovitsa (the biggest railway junction of Northern Bulgaria) is located at the distance of only several kilometres north-east of Veliko Turnovo. At the railwau station there is a taxi service for Veliko Turnovo passing through the village of Arbanassi. The following travel agencies are located there, too: Group (for bus tickets in the country and abroad, 1, Al. Stamboliiski Street, tel.: 062 628292), Rila Railway Bureau (13A, Hr. Botev Street, tel.: 062 22130), Rila International Travel Bureau (13A, Hr. Botev Street, tel.: 062 22042), Intertour (an agent of Balkan Airlines, 13A, Hr. Botev Street, tel.: 062 21545) and Sema Express (airlines ticket bureau, 25, Nikola Gabrovski Blvd., tel.: 062 621586). The town has a regular town bus and trolley-bus transport.

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