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Surrounding areas of Bratsigovo

The town is developing as a balneological centre, too. There is a cold mineral water spring (18-26С) with the flow rate of 120 liters per minute at the distance of 500 metres west of it. There is a balneo-sanatorium built up here. The mineral water treats some skin diseases, the nervous system, kidney related diseases and others. There is a nice park and a country-houses zone around it. The village of Ravnogor is situated at the distance of 16 km south of Bratsigovo. Vassil Petleshkov Mountain Resort, better known as Atolouka is near it. One can get there by regularly running buses from the town and on foot from the village of Rozovo (2.30 -  3 hours).

Zhaba Krepost (Frog Fortress) - ruins of a Bulgarian military fortification with the length of the walls of 65 m and the width of 55 m, their thickness being between 1.50 and 2 m. One can get there by diverting at the 4th km along the road to Peshtera along a mountain path and for a 20 to a 30-minutes walk the visitor shall face the ruins of the fortress

Various short and long hiking tours in this part of the Rhodopes may be started from Bratsigovo but the marked tracks are few.

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