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Landmarks in Chirpan

The Museum of History and Archaeology. House-Museum P. K. Yavorov (22, Kracholovi Str., in the centre of the town). Among the personal belongings are the inkpot and the watch of the poet as well as a part of his library. The house of G. Danchov (the centre of the town, now an entertainment establishment offering Bulgarian cuisine) is a supreme example of Bulgarian Revival Art. Tyankovs House and Manchevs House stand out with their exceptional architectural design of the past century. One of the few remaining horse-driven mills in the country is preserved in the yard of the latter. Both houses are now modern restaurants with  authentic 19th century interior, which make them unique attractions to all visitors.  One of the most interesting and best-preserved houses from the beginning of the 20th century now hosts Bulbank Office. The Holy Mother Church, built in 1846 is one of the 4 oldest churches of its kind in the town.

Every year Chirpan celebrates January Days of Yavorov - a festival of literature and art in honour of the great poet. Every odd year the town hosts the National Contest for Country Music Performers  Atanaska Todorova" in memory of the great Chirpan-born singer.

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