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Surrounding areas of Hissarya

Hissarya is a starting point of tourist tracks through the Central Sredna Gora Range. From here there are marked tourist routes north-west to the Orela Chalet (The Eagle) (from Verigovo Quarter it takes 5 hours on foot through the short cut or 22 km along a truck road, for reservations tel.: 0337 2592 in the Tourist Association). From the chalet one can proceed to the Chivira Chalet (3 hours), Bogdan Chalet (5 hours), or one can climb Mt. Alexitsa (1 hour), Mt. Fenera (20 min), Mt. Kozya Gramada (20 min). Another tourist route heads south-east to the Voden Kamak Chalet  (9 km along a stony road, tel.: 0337 2534, it is 5 km away from the village of Gorna Mahala). In 2000 during archaeological excavations in the region of the village of Starossel (25 km west of the town) was discovered the grandiose Thracian Temple (5th 4th century BC) ever found. It is surrounded by a stone wall (up to 5 m high and 240 m long) made of huge stone blocks. The Thracian temple has one front and two side stairs, a long corridor between 5 metres high stone walls. The actual temple consists of a faade, a rectangular premise and a round premise with an unknown ceiling construction a unique semi-cylindrical arc and dome. The entrances were closed with massive stone gates. Tens of burial mounds were found nearby, some of them containing tomb-mausoleums of  Thracian rules of the 5th and 4th centuries BC. The tombs contain extremely valuable articles golden jewelry, a set of silver adorning as part of horse ammunition, full armament and other pieces of high scientific, art and museum value. The cult complex is a unique evidence of the Thracian orphic belief in our lands. The complex became attractive for tourists long before its final arrangement and opening.

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