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Landmarks in Kalofer

First of all, there is the Hristo Botev House-Museum (downtown). Its not his native house, which burned to ashes when the town was ruined. In 1942 the house where Hristo Botevs father - the teacher Botyo Petkov had lived later, was restored. A new museum building in folk-style was added in the yard. There is a marble bust of the poet and a sculpture of his mother. Close to the centre, in its upper part, the restored building of the school of the teacher Botyo Petkov can be found. On its lower floor, an art gallery has been arranged, featuring pictures, dedicated to Kalofer and Hristo Botev, and the second floor hosts a museum of education. In front of the building is preserved the stone, on which young Botev makes his fiery speech against the Turkish rule on 24 May 1867, after which he is forced to leave Bulgaria. Next to the building a bust-monument of the teacher Botyo Petkov was erected. Further in this direction is the old revival Holy Virgin Church. In its yard was the simple church cell that gave shelter to Botyo Petkov, when he came to teach in the little town. Hristo Botev was born in it. Now there is only a memorial plate there. Monumental stairs lead from downtown to the Memorial Complex in the foot of the mountains, in the centre of which stands a granite statue of the Bulgarian genius, who has outspoken the prophetic words One, who falls fighting for Freedom, doesnt die and confirmed them himself.

In the north-west end, a glorious monument of Kalifer Voivoda stands. Other interesting sites in the town are: the stone bridges from the revival period over Tundga River, some of the old houses, The Maiden Monastery, built in 1738, St. Atanas Church, the rose-distillery, the beautiful park called Botevs meadow, etc.

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