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Surrounding areas of Kalofer

6 km north of Kalofer, along both banks of Tundga River, the Panitsite Resort is situated. It has a lot of recreational facilities, mostly for children. It is a starting point for the Kalofer Mountain (see Stara Planina related chapter). During the summer, twice daily, there is a bus from the town. The Kalofer Maiden Monastery can be found on the right bank of Byala Reka River (White River), at about 6 km north-west of the town. Founded in 1640, it was set on fire twice (in 1799 and 1804) by kurdzhalii (Turkinsh brigands), rebuilt in 1819, with a big monastery church. During the War of Liberation it was again plundered and burnt to ashes. Todays church was built in 1880 on the foundations of the old one. The rest of the buildings are newer. One can stay for the night in the monastery against minimal payment. However, there is no regular transport to it.

The Byala Reka Inn  is located by the bridge across the river Byala Reka (White River), with a small summer resort near it. Its a few kilometres west of Kalofer and all buses between Karlovo and Kalofer stop there. The upper part of Byala Reka has cut through the Balkan the fantastic South Dzhendem Canyon, declared a Nature Reserve. It is accessible only with mountaineer equipment. Near the Alpine Rai Chalet (Paradise) is the highest waterfall in Bulgaria - Raiskoto Praskalo (The Heavens Sprayer) (124 m), whose waters fall down the stony walls of Mt. Botev (2376 m) - the highest peak in the Balkan Range. One can get to this true paradise only on foot - about 4 hours from the Panitsite Resort. Besides for the Central Balkan Range (see Stara Planina related chapter), Kalofer is also a starting point for the Surnena Sredna Gora Mountain. From the railway station, along a marked tourist track, one can get to Svezhen Chalet in about 5 hours. The chalet is above the village of the same name, where Colonel Serafimov - a hero of the Balkan War, was born. One can also reach the village by bus from Karlovo. From Svezhen Chalet one can continue eastward along the ridge of Surnena Sredna Gora, to the Bratan Chalet and Kavakliika Chalet.

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