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History of Kazanluk

The first settlement on the territory of todays Kazanluk was founded in Neolithic times. During the Eneolith and the Bronze Age life in the settlement went on. It was during the 5th-4th centuries BC that the Thracian town Sevtopolis, bearing the name of the Thracian King Sevt III ( now the ancient settlement is under the waters of the Koprinka Dam, 7 km. to the west of the town) was announced capital of the Thracian state of the Odrissi (a rich civilisation of the Tonzos valley - todays Toundzha River). From those days are more than 12 burial tombs already found, the most important of which is, by no doubt, the Kazanluk tomb offering a unique insight into the life of the ancient Thracians.

Todays town of Kazanluk was established at the beginning of the 15th century. By the end of the 19th century Kazanluk had become well-known for its production of rose oil, copper plates and  household articles, abi (coarse homespun wollen cloth and upper mens garment made of it) gaitani (braids). Due to the loss of markets throughout the Ottoman Empire after the Liberation the crafts declined to give way to contemporary economic activities.

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