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Surrounding areas of Kurdzali

The two big dams on both sides of the town are excellent places for recreation, sports, tourism and entertainment. Numerous rest homes, country houses, catering establishments, roads, and a tourist chalet (Borovitsa Chalet on the Kurdzhali Dam, 18 km out of town, tel.: 0361 26719, 24859, 25629 in the tourist association). Several tourist entertainment ships cross both dams..

After the wall of the Studen Kladenets Dam (Cold Well) one can see the incredibly narrow canyon of the Arda River, called Devils Bridge (one can get there by bus or enjoy the sight from a ship).

Close to the village of Zimzelen, 5 km north-east of the town, visitors can see another of natures wildest whims - the natural earthen Kurdzhali Pyramids. They are scattered on a steep slope over a wide area and are of most different size and shape (Gabite - The mushrooms, Vkamenenata Svatba - The stoned wedding), etc.), coloured in white, pink and green. Tuff based they have acquired these shapes due to weather conditions in the course of millions of years. The village can be reached by regular bus lines.

The medieval fortress of Perperek is located in the valley of a small river, only 7 kilometres to the south-east of town (in the direction of Haskovo). This was the most powerful fortress in the Ahridos region, and during 13th - 14th century was an bishops and fortified Bulgarian town. The Turks met fierce resistance during their invasion of the country in the 14th century and this is why after conquering it, they slaughtered the greater part of the population, others took in slavery and the destroyed the fortress. It now stands in ruins. Only the hexagonal tower of carved stone is partially preserved. Remnans of the settlement are also preserved - they were owned by the bolyar Momchil.

The picturesque valley of the Borovitsa River ( together with Arda, one of the two main rivers flowing into the Kurdzhali Dam) can be seen to the north-west of the town and while being there, one has the feeling of being somewhere in the American wild West. The feeling one experiences while crossing the canyon cannot be explained. It  is accessible by the regular bus line to the nearby villages in the direction of the Bezvodno village.

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