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Landmarks in Pazardzhik

The Town Museum of History, located in one of the newest and most representative buildings of the town (15, Konstantin Velichkov Sq., tel.: 034 22505). The Ethnographic Museum, whose exhibition is housed in the biggest residential building in Pazardzhik of the Revival Period (the house of Nikolaki Hristovich), proclaimed as a cultural monument (8, Otets Paisii Str.). The cathedral church of St. Bogoroditsa (the Holy Virgin) (located at Otets Paisii Str.) - one of the most valuable artistic architectural monuments in the country erected in 1837 of pink rhyolite. The greatest piece of art in it is the wood-carved iconostasis in the traditions of the well-known School of Debur, remarkable for its exquisite open-worked wood-carving, re-creating figured compositions and plant ornaments. There are solely two similar matchless examples-work of masters of Debur and they are located in the Republic of Macedonia (in the church St. Spas in Skopje and the Bigor Monastery, not far from Debur). The monument to Stanislav Dospevski is in the courtyard of the church, work of the sculptor Ivan Blazhev. The house-museum Stanislav Dospevski (50, Knyaginya Maria Louisa Blvd.), in which the prominent Bulgarian painter and revolutionary from Samokov of the Revival Period lived from 1864 to 1877. The building was erected in 1864 by builders-masters from Bratsigovo in the so-called Istanbul style and was one of the most beautiful houses in the town at that time. Dospevski himself painted some of its premises. Stanislav Dospevski Art Gallery - a specialised state cultural educational and scientific institute of fine arts (15, Konstantin Velichkov Str.). House-museum Konstantin Velichkov (5, Teodor Trayanov Str.) built in 1850. The atmosphere, in which the distinguished writer lived and created, was preserved. It was in that the sister of Konstantin Velichkov - Teofana sewed the banner of the Pazardzhik Revolutionary Committee in 1876 and on 21 April Vassil Petleshkov brought the news about the beginning of the Uprising from Panagyurishte. The Synagogue (the Jewish Church) - erected in 1850 by the master from Bratsigovo Stavri Temelkov. Quite interesting are the arcs of the ceiling ornamented with beautiful wood-carving - an engraved sun with several round colourings and interlaced designs of geometrical figures. The internal walls are with mural paintings. It is located at 5, Assen Zlatarov Str. Hadzhistoyanovs House (1, Republica Str.), whose wood-carving is one of the best achievements in the Bulgarian residential architecture from the middle of the 19th century. The following are noteworthy, too: St. Petka Church of 1852, St. Archangel Church of 1860 with the icon of the same name painted by Stanislav Dospevski, St. Sotir Church (1862). The monument to Aleko Konstantinov is situated amidst a picturesque park on the island of the Maritsa River.

Pazardzhik is a town with defined cultural traditions. Three theatres function in it nowadays: the Theatre of Drama Konstantin Velichkov (Konstantin Velichkov Sq.) - one of the best provincial theatres in our country. The Theatre of Music Maestro Atanasov (Konstantin Velichkov Sq.) and the Puppet Theatre (42, Georgi Benkovski Str.). 

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