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Surrounding areas of Pazardzhik

The place of death of the great Bulgarian writer and democrat Aleko Konstantinov, founder of the organised tourists movement in our country is situated at the distance of 14 km south, past the road to Peshtera, in the proximity of the village of Radilovo. It was in this place that on 24th May 1897 on his way back from the celebrations of the National Holiday in Peshtera he was shot by a hired assassin. An unpretentious monument was erected here and a beautiful park was formed around it. The regular buses running between Pazardzhik and Peshtera may stop there upon request.

Bessaparskite Ridove (Bessapar Hills) (at the distance of some 10 km east) - the archaeological research carried out indicated that the main town of the Thacians - Besapara was situated here. 8 burial mounds were preserved here. The pre-historic settlement Maltepe and the Tri Voditsi karst spring with the flow rate of 900 litres per second are situated near it. These sites may be reached by car in about 20 minutes or by a passenger train, stopping at the railway stations of Sinitevo and Hadzhievo and at Ognyanovo Station.

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