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Landmarks in Peroushtitsa

The church - museum St. Archangels Gavrail and Mihail in the centre of the town. The town Museum of History is housed in a new building in the central Peter Bonev Square. Danovs School. The majestic monument on the Vlasovets Hill, south above town, in favour of the revolutionists who took part in the April Uprising and who found their death in it in a martyr-like manner. The unpretentious monument to Peter Bonev erected next to the historical church. Chervenata Cherkva (The Red Church) - a unique architectural monument is located at the distance of 1 km south-east of the district of Pastousha and is also known under the name Perushtenska Starina (Peroushtitsa antiquity). It was built during the early Middle Ages (5th to 7th centuries) with a skilful combination of the antique Greek with the new Byzantine style. Its imposing and eccentric architecture is amazing. It was proclaimed a monument of culture of national importance. 

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