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About Plovdiv

The city of Plovdiv (340 638 inhabitants, 160 m above sea level.) is situated in the western part of the Gornotrakiiska (Upper Thracian) Lowland, along the two banks of Maritsa, the largest river, springing out in Bulgaria, and scattered upon six unique syenite hills (called tepeta- hillrocks). The town is located 150 km south-east of Sofia, 270 km west of Bourgas, 140 km north-west of Svilengrad, 58 km south of Karlovo, 19 km north-west of Assenovgrad, 102 km north of Smolyan, 37 km east of the town of Pazardzhik, 90 km south-west of Stara Zagora, 75 km north-west of Haskovo. It ranks as the second Bulgarian city in population, size and significance, after the capital Sofia. The city is an important cultural, historic and tourist centre. It is a regional administrative centre, as well.

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