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Surrounding areas of Plovdiv

The powerful shapes of the Rhodopes rise 10-12 км south of Plovdiv. Its vicinity and accessibility turn the mountain into a favourite site for recreation and tourism for all the citizens of Plovdiv. The existence of two resorts (Students and Byala Cherkva (White Church)), numerous chalets (Zdravets, Ruen, Chernatitsa, Rhodopski Partizani and more distant ones) as well as hundreds of kilometres of roads into the Chernatitsa sub-part of the Western Rhodopes, the dozens of kilometres of marked alleys and tracks, catering facilities and other tourist infrastructure, promote the frequent visits to the wonderful mountain sights.

Public buses start from the Rhodopes Bus Station to the villages in the foot of the mountain (Kuklen, Hrabrino, Galabovo, and some others) which serve as starting points for various hiking tours or trips by car (see the Rhodopes related section).

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