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Landmarks in Smolyan

In Smolyan Quarter: The Revival Period houses Meramovs, Sarievs, Prissadovs, etc. The overarched bridge (Beiska Kupriya) across Cherna River, built in the beginning of 18th century. Chinar Nature Reserve (sycamore-tree) a 250-years old tree. The Planetarium (20, Bulgaria Blvd., tel.: 0301 23074) is the biggest in Bulgaria. The Museum of the History of Mid-Rhodope Mountains (New Centre Complex, tel.: 0301 24603), houses more than 150 000 exhibits. The Town Art Gallery  (New Centre Complex, tel.: 0301 23268) accommodates thousands of masterpieces of artists and sculptors.

In Raikovo Quarter: Pangalovs House - valuable architectural monument of culture dating back to 1860, Аlibeev Konak - an old residential and agricultural complex in the upper part of the quarter. The Cheshitevs House in the Cheshitska area - housing interesting typical Rhodope houses from the Revival Period in Dolno Raikovo. Memorial and Channel-House in honour of the inhabitants of Raikovo, who died for freedom. St. Nedelya Church (1836 г.) has a rich collections of icons.  Mazolevs Drinking-Fountain bears the inscription, evidencing the first mention of the village.

In Ustovo Quarter: Меdnikarska Charshiya (the old coppersmith marketplace), Hadzhiivanovs House, which provided shelter to the headquarters of the Russian troops in the region during the War of Liberation (1877-1878). The Sheremetevs, Takovs, Hadzhichonovs Houses are also within this area. The Kelyavs House bears the inscription of sergeant Parhomenko, which informs that some Cossacks from the First Squad of the II Regiment stayed there. St. Nikola Church is remarkable with its plentiful, rich wall paintings and original architecture.  

The new, modern centre of the town is a skilful combination of local traditions and existing environment. Its construction was completed in 1983.

The Rhodope Theatre of Drama (Bulgaria Blvd., tel.: 0301 25178) is successfully functioning in this nice town. The town is also a university centre - it houses the Pedagogical Faculty of Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski".

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