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The biggest ski-centre in Pirin is situated at the distance of 9 km south-west of the town of Bansko, to which there is an asphalt road. There is no regularly functioning transport to it. In 1985 a seat cableway was built with a difference between the two levels of 706 metres and the capacity of 800 people per hour. It services some of the best ski-runs in our country. Its upper station is at about 2450 metres above sea level in the locality of Echmishta, north under the rocky cairn of Mt. Todorka (2746 m). Here as well is the upper station of the draglift servicing the highest ski-run in Bulgaria - Platoto at which one can go skiing even at the end of May. A little tourist settlement grew up around the lower station of the open-seat cableway with many public catering establishments - tea rooms, coffee bars, little restaurants and the Shiligarnika Hotel offering 15 beds, a cuisine with culinary specialities from the region, a 24-hour bar and own transport.

The road continues from the Shiligarnika to Banderitsa Chalet (4 km) and Vihren Chalet (7 km), from which Mt. Vihren can be climbed or one can set out on some of the numerous marked hiking routes. One can find accommodation in the chalets. 

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