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About Malyovitsa

Malyovitsa is a smaller resort than Borovets but there is no other resort not only in the Rila Mountain but also in the whole Bulgaria, which can compare with its beauty and grandeur. It is situated within the Malyovitsa sub-part of North-Western Rila, at about 1700 metres above sea level. An asphalt road connects it to the village of Govedartsi (13 km) and to the town of Samokov (27 km). There is a regular bus transport to the village of Govedartsi and once per day to the town of Samokov.

Malyovitsa is a symbol of Bulgarian alpinism and mountaineering and a natural base for alpine sports. Along with the sublime mount of Malyovitsa, a dozen more Alpine peaks rise within the region, which turn Malyovitsa sub-part into the most preferred site of high-mountain rock climbing in Bulgaria. It is namely here that the highest Alpine walls and the most difficult rock tours are located. One of the most beautiful high-mountains on the Balkan Peninsula - the Strashnoto Ezero (the Frightful Lake) is located in its proximity, too.

Unique in its kind on the Balkan Peninsula and one of the few in Eastern Europe, the School for Training of Mountaineering Sports Qualified Staff was established here during the 1950s. It is a centre for the training of mountaineers, instructors, hiking instructors, mountain leaders, ski-tourism instructors, ski-lecturers etc., also known under the name of Central Mountain School of Malyovitsa (it was until recently called the Hristo Prodanov Malyovitsa Training Centre after the first Bulgarian who set his foot on Mount Everest).

Many marked tourist hiking tracks begin from the resort towards North-Western Rila: to the Ivan Vazov Chalet (7 hours), to the Ribni Ezera (Fish Lakes) Chalet (9 to 10 hours), to the Rila Monastery (6 hours), to the Strashno Ezero (Frightful Lake) Shelter (3 hours), to the BAK (Bulgarian Alpine Club) Shelter (2 hours), to the Vada Chalet (1.30 hours), to the Lovna (Hunters) Chalet (2.30 to 3 hours), to the 7 Rila Lakes Chalet (8 hours along the ridge and 5 hours under it), to the Mechit Chalet (4 hours). The Malyovitsa Chalet (an old and a new building as well as wooden bungalows) is situated at an hour-walk from the resort, against the stream of the Malyovitsa River, at over 2000 metres above sea level, where one can find accommodation and buy some cooked warm food. The Mount of Malyovitsa can be climbed along a marked (summer and winter marking) path for 2 to 3 hours leisurely walk. There are several ski- runs and ski-sports related facilities within the region.

The accommodation facilities are comparatively limited here. The Malyovitsa Hotel hosts the greatest number of beds (180) as well as a restaurant, a discotheque, a coffee bar, entertainment games hall, a souvenir shop, ski-equipment rental and safekeeping services. The Training Centre hosts fewer beds and offers fewer conveniences - 4 beds and more per room. There is a restaurant here, too (self-service), a bar, a sports hall, a man-made Alpine wall, a museum of mountaineering. There are a lot of little cosy public catering establishments scattered round Mecha Polyana (Bear Meadow) where one can have a drink and a bite or just relax listening to nice music with a cup of coffee or a soft drink. There is a post of the Mountain Rescue Service in the building of the Training Centre, too (tel.: 07125 2382).

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