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Major departure points for hiking tours

In addition to setting out from Borovets, Malyovitsa and the Rila Monastery, there are many tourist hiking routes setting out points from many other settlements and resort related zones.

The village of Govedartsi - it is connected by regular bus transport links to Samokov (14 km) and Sofia (74 km). Marked footpaths start from it to the Mechit Chalet (2 to 2.30 hours) and the Ovnarsko Tourist Base (2 hours), from which one can further explore the inner parts of Rila.

The Dolna Banya Resort is situated at the distance of 4 to 5 km south of the town of the same name, which is connected by a regularly running bus transport to Samokov (30 km), Borovets (20 km) and the nearby railway station of Kostenets (8 km). The Gerginitsa Chalet is located within the resort itself and there is a marked footpath leading to the Venetitsa Chalet (a 2 hours-walk). Various footpath routes round Eastern Rila set out from it.

The resort of Kostenets is situated at the distance of 9 km of the railway station of the same name, linked to it by regular bus transport. Two marked footpaths set out from here - to the Belmeken Chalet (4.30 to 5 hours walk) and to the Gourgoulitsa Chalet (1.30 hours), which also branches into different directions further on.

The resort of Yundola - at the distance of 16 km from Velingrad, 26 km south from Septemvri and at the distance of 25 km from Yakoruda, connected by regular bus transport to them. A marked footpath route for the Kourtovo Chalet (3 hours) and for the sports town beside the Belmeken Dam Lake (4.30 hours) sets out from it. The Yundola Pass and the resort respectively is the link between the Rila and the Rhodopes and the combined routes for the great Bulgarian mountains pass from here.

The town of Yakoruda - in the valley of the Mesta River, at the narrow-gauge railway line Septemvri - Dobrinishte. One can walk from here for 3 hours to the chalet and the resort of Treshtenik in Eastern Rila.

The town of Belitsa - is situated at the distance of 18 km south-west of Yakoruda. It is as departure point for the chalet and the resort of Semkovo (4 hours) in Central Rila, as well as for Macedonia Chalet (6 to 7 hours) in South-Western Rila.

The Predela (Limit) Saddle, where there is a small resort and tourist chalet. It is situated at the distance of 24 km from Simitli and at the distance of 14 km from Razlog. A lot of busses regularly running in both directions pass from here. The saddle is a border between Rila and Pirin and is often used as an interim point for combined hiking routes in our highest and most beautiful mountains. One can set out for the Macedonia Chalet in Rila from Predela (8 hours).

Blagoevgrad - the largest populated point at the foothill of Rila. It is connected to Sofia and the remaining parts of the country by bus and railway transport. One can get from this town to  Macedonia and Chakalitsa Chalets in South-Western Rila for about one day.

Doupnitsa also a big town located at the north-western foothill of the mountain, linked by bus and railway transport to Sofia and the country. One can set out from the nearby villages of Bistritsa, Samoranovo and Resilovo to Ivan Vazov, Otovitsa and Skakavitsa Chalets.

Separeva Banya Resort, situated at the distance of about 20 km east of the town of Doupnitsa, is linked by a regular bus transport to it. The hottest mineral spring in Bulgaria is here - 103.8С. It is a starting point for the resort of Panishishte - 1.30 hours along the marked footpath and 10 km along the road. A lot of marked footpath routes go further from Panichishte to the Pionerska, Lovna, Skakavitsa, Rilski Ezera (Rila Lakes), the 7 Lakes, Ivan Vazov, Vada, Malyovitsa Chalets, etc.

The village of Klisoura is located in the Klisoura Saddle, a border between Rila and Verila. It is situated at the distance of 25 km from Doupnitsa and at the distance of 15 km from Samokov and is linked to them by bus transport. The popular route through the 4 mountains: Vitosha, Verila, Rila and Pirin passes from here. From Klisoura one can get to the Vada Chalet for 5 hours and to the Lovna Chalet for 5.30 hours through the lowest part of Rila - Lakatishka Rila.

Although there is no foot route setting out directly from Samokov, this little town situated at the northern foothill of the mountain is considered to be the entrance gate of Rila. One passes through Samokov for the most popular areas of the mountain - Borovets, Moussala, and Malyovitsa.

Almost all Rila chalets offer in summer something to eat, cooked warm food included.

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