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Climate in Stara Planina

Stara Planina is situated on the climatic border between the mild-continental climate of Northern Bulgaria and the softer climate, resulting from the Mediterranean influences in the south. It is a natural barrier against the influx of northern winds to the south, which, especially during the winter, are particularly unpleasant. Quite often, they are the cause of the so-called falling winds (bora, wild wind), which coming from the north find their way through the ridges of the mountain and literally fall on the Sub-Balkan Valley with great speed - sometimes up to 30 m/sec. Such winds are characteristic of the area round the town of Sliven. Stara Planina is the most windy and foggy of all Bulgarian Mountains. Average temperature values at Mt. Botev are January average temperature - 8.9C below zero; July average temperature - 7.6C and annual average temperature of 0.7C below zero. Rainfalls are at their maximum in May and June and minimum (excluding the Mount Botev area) - in February. The snow cover is rather irregular not only in duration but also in territory. More snow and for a longer period of time falls and stays on the northern slopes of the mountain, while on the southern it will - in most areas - melt away quickly. Because of the powerful winds at the top of the mountain, and in particular the ridges, the formation of visors and avalanches is often not excluded.

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