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Sports Tourism

As a country noted for its beauty and for the comparatively well preserved nature, Bulgaria offers various opportunities for practising non-standard tourism all the year round.

Hiking tourism (tracking) in Bulgarian mountains is most affordable and popular. Especially attractive in this respect are Pirin Mountain, Rila Mountain, Stara Planina (The Balkan Mountain), the Rhodopes, Vitosha and Sredna Gora Mountains. There are thousands of kilometres marked tourist routs throughout the mountains (summer and winter marking). Hundreds of chalets, tourist hostels, Alpine shelters, tourist homes and hotels are at the disposal of those willing to set out along the mountain tracks rucksacks on the back. The longest hiking track in Bulgaria follows the ridge of Stara Planina (The Balkan Mountain) starting from Mt. Kom close to the border with Serbia far away to Cape Emine at the Black Sea coast. These 650 kilometres take about 20-25 days but the tourists are inspired, full of energy and unforgetable experience. Fans of the mountain marathon also follow this rather long track the record being 5 days and 17 hours.

The most attractive tracking sites in Bulgaria include the highest peak in the Balkan Peninsula Mt. Moussala (2925 m) located in Eatern Rila; the beautiful Alpine Malyovitsa sub-part of  North-Western Rila; Pirin Mountain one of the most attractive Alpine type of mountains not only in Bulgaria but in the whole of Europe as well; the Troyan and Kalofer Mountains in the Central Balkan; the highest peak in Vitosha Mountain Mt. Cherni Vrah (2290 m). Summer and autumn (from June to October) are most favourable for hiking in the high mountains of Bulgaria.

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