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Ski-tourism grows more and more popular and inspires many fans of the mountain and skiing. Most attractive opportunities in this respect are offered by the high Rila and Pirin Mountains. The long routs and the memorable coasting down the Alpine slopes covered with untrodden snow evoke deep emotions and make one feel a pioneer. The northern slopes of Stara Planina have a sufficient snow cover all the year round, too. Vitosha and Osogovo Mountains are most suitable for one- and two-day hiking tours, as well as for training. The graduate changes of relief, smooth hill shapes, the lack of great variations in altitude, as well as the thick snow cover throughout the year make the Southern Rhodopes most attractive for skiing tours with narrow skis (for ski-running). Ski-mountaineering is an extreme of ski-tourism and is more and more widely practised. The Alpine relief of Rila and Pirin makes them real stadiums for its fans. The period from February to April is most favourable for ski-tourism and ski-mountaineering.

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