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Accommodation in Dobrich

The Bulgaria Hotel Complex (four-star, in the town centre, 8, Svoboda Square). It offers 290 beds, two restaurants, bars, and a swimming pool. The Sport Palace Hotel (three-star, in the town centre, 1a, 25th September Blvd.). It offers 100 beds, a restaurant, two bars, a fitness hall, etc. The Stariya Dobrich Inn (Old Dobrich) (two-star, situated in the ethnographic complex of the same name in the town centre). The Dobroudzha Hotel (three-star, 2, Nezavisimost Str.). The Rezidentsiyata Hotel and Restaurant (in Dobrotitsa quarter). The Dobrotitsa Tourist Hostel (a kilometre south of the centre, in the territory of the town park, near the stadium and the monument of Khan Asparuh). It offers 44 beds in two-, eight-, and more-bed rooms.

Catering establishments worth visiting: the Lebed Restaurant (Swam) (three-star), the Bulgarsko Pivo Restaurant (Bulgarian Beer) (four-star, 38, 25th September Blvd.) as well as many others offering Bulgarian national food and pleasant entertainment.

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