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Surrounding areas of Provadia

The remains of the medieval fortress (Byzantine, Bulgarian, Turkish) are situated immediately east above the town in the Tashhisar area (or Kaleto).

The rampart from Asparuhs state is also in the immediate proximity of the town.

The baths in Provadia are 7 km south-east, near the railway station of Mirovo (on the railway line Sofia - Gorna Oryahovitsa - Varna). The debit of the salty (14oC) and sulphurous (21oC) water altogether is about 5 litres per second. It is used in balneo-therapy and balneo-treatment. There is regular bus and railway transport to Provadia.

The Petricha Chalet is 30 km south-east of Provadia and 4 km away from the village of Avren. It offers 50 beds in two suites and two-, three-, and four-bed rooms. Reservations in the Tourist Association in the town of Beloslav. The village has a regular bus connection with Varna and Beloslav. It takes an hour to get to the chalet from Avren if you go on foot, and if you start at Razdelna railway station it will take 45 min. You can use your own car. The historical fortress Petrich Kale is 30 min walk away from the chalet. The Byzantine built it in 5th-6th centuries. In 1444 Vladislav Varnenchek destroyed it. There is a museum about the history of the fortress. The rocks around are excellent for climbing.

The Lovkata Chalet - a wonderful place for rest, practising of sports and tourism; situated some 10 km east of Provadia and 3 km away from the village of Manastir. The buses of the line Provadia-Devnya halt here. It takes an hour to get from the village to the chalet, and about 2.30 h if you start in the town. The chalet offers 30 beds - one suite and two-, three-, and six-bed rooms. You can walk to the Vulsheben Izvor (Magic Spring) (4 km away) and to the Petricha chalet (1.30 - 2 hour walk). Reservations in the Tourist Association in Devnya (tel.: 0519 3411).

Seventeen kilometres north-east of Provadia is the town of Devnya - the biggest centre of industrial chemistry in Bulgaria; it sprang up as a settlement near the biggest karst springs.

The springs of Devnya are 30 in number and have a debit of 3670 litres per second with temp. 17-20C. It is where the Roman settlement called Marcianopolis (after the name of emperor Trayans sister - Marciana) sprang up and was succeeded by the present day town.

There is an interesting Museum of Mosaics in Devnya. There is a regular bus line from Devnya to Provadia. Devnya is a railway station on the line Razdelna - Dobrich - Kardam.

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