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Landmarks in Razgrad

The St. Nikola Church dates back to the end of 19th century. The Clock Tower is a slender stone body in the shape of parallelepiped with a wooden superstructure with a clockwork in it. It is 26.15 m high; master Todor Tonchev from Tryavna built it in 1864 replacing an old tower from 18th century. The Museum of History is situated both in the town and in the Abritus Archaeological Reserve (tel.: 084 24273, 27378, 42207). The Ethnographic Complex (Varosha quarter, 20, Antim I Str., tel.: 084 36071, 36971). The house-museum of Professor Dimitur Nenov has the same address (tel.: 084 29777). The Stanka and Nikola Ikonomovs Revival Museum Collection (Varosha quarter, 7, St. Kliment Blvd, tel.: 084 29322). The D. Danailov Art Gallery (G.S.Rakovski Str.). The Ilia Petrov Art Gallery (Cyril and Methodius Str.). The bronze sculpture at the Momina Cheshma. Mausoleum of the Russian soldiers who died in the Russian-Turkish War of Liberation.

In Razgrad there is Anton Strashimirov Theatre of Drama (in the central part of the town) and a College for Chemical Technologies and Biotechnologies.

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