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Surrounding areas of Razgrad

The Abritus Archaeological Reserve (2 km east of Razgrad near the Penicillin factory). The Romans founded the ancient settlement in the middle of 1st century and during the reign of the Byzantine emperor Justinian (527-565) the fortress walls were fundamentally fortified. The walls surround an enclosure of 140 decares and parts of them are preserved; three towers as well as the southern and northern town gates have been partially restored. There was recovered a huge building meant for living occupying an area of 3300 square meters. In 251 the Roman emperor Decius found his death in a battle between the Romans and the Goths near Abritus.  In 1971 here was discovered a big ancient golden treasure consisting of 835 coins. A rich archaeological museum is open for guests (operating as a department of the Museum of History). There is a bus line round the town.

Some 10 km south of the town is the Pchelina Forest-Park (Kovanluka) offering excellent opportunities for rest, sport and tourism. Numerous holiday homes, restaurants, private villas as well as the mountain hut of Pchelina  with 40 beds in two-, three-, and four-bed rooms. For reservations refer to the tourist agency in Razgrad. There is regular bus line.

One of the most charming places of the Loudogorie, i.e. the Voden Nature Reserve is situated 36 km north-east of Razgrad, along the Chairdere valley. The reserve is known for its venerable deciduous woods, the stock-breeding farm for aurochs, stags of fallow deer and others, and a lot of natural and historical sights. There are good accommodation facilities and a regular bus line to Razgrad.

The Thracian Tomb near the village of Sveshtari (40 km north-east of Razgrad and 6 km north-west of Isperih) has an exclusive decoration. It was declared a cultural monument of world significance and is under the protection of UNESCO. There is a regular bus line to the village from the town of Isperih.

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