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Landmarks in Silistra

The Town Museum of History (in the central part of the town, Simeon Veliki Blvd., tel.: 086 27040, 23894). The Ethnographic Museum. In 1942 a Roman tomb was recovered (4th century, from the time of emperor Theodosius I). It is a tomb with arches, 3.20 m wide and 3.60 m long. The most interesting thing in it are the frescoes. It is situated in the south-eastern part of the town, at 7th September Str. The Roman Necropolis of an eminent magistrate from the time of emperor Prob (276-282). He had been buried together with his horses and chariot; very precious fragments of the chariot made of electron (gold and platinum) have been preserved. Parts of the antique Roman fortress and the border fortification were discovered at different places in the town and along the bank of the Danube River (in the town park). The Art Gallery is located in the centre, at 120, Simeon Veliki Blvd. (tel.: 086 26838).

There is a drama theatre named after Sava Dobroplodni (in the central part of the town, Simeon Veliki Blvd. tel.: 086 26937, 23201).

Silistra is a university centre. There is a higher pedagogical school, branch of Rousse University.

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