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Surrounding areas of Silistra

In the immediate proximity above the town is The Krepostta Park (The Fortress). There is a rich archaeological museum in it.

The Srebarna Biosphere Reserve is 16 km west of Silistra near a village having the same name. It comprises the Lake of Srebarna and the surrounding slopes of the Danubian bank occupying a territory of 600 hectares. In the periphery the lake is overgrown with cane and bulrush verdure, water lilies, marsh marigold, marsh fern, duckweed, etc. Various kinds of birds nest here - some 150 protected species of marsh birds like pelicans (the only colony in Bulgaria), black coots, water swallow, egrets, ibis, wild geese, 11 species of wild ducks, etc. Six species of fish, tortoises, snakes, etc. inhabit the area. There is a museum arranged. Felix Kanits who visited it in the second half of 19th century called the lake the Eldorado of marsh birds. Being natural heritage of world significance the Sreburna Reserve is under the protection of UNESCO. There is regular bus transport from the town.

Eight kilometres west of Silistra is the biggest village in Bulgaria called Aidemir (9125 inhabitants). There is a regular public bus line to and from it.

The Alen Mak Hut (Red Poppy) (5 km away from the town, in the rest area near the town, tel.: 086 20089) offers 30 beds in two-, three-, and seven-bed rooms. Nearby is a bus station of the town bus. It takes an hour or so to get there on foot.

The Danube River in the region of Silistra as well, offers numerous opportunities for excursion tours, taking sunbathes, having a rest, practising water sports, water tourism. There are rest homes, private villas, two camping sites (Popina - on the bank of the river in the immediate vicinity of the port at the village of Popina, 35 km west of the town, 18 beds in two- and four-bed rooms, telephone for reservations: 318 through the operator of Popina village or at the Tourist Association in Silistra, there is regular bus transport; Vetren - on the bank of the river in the land of Vetren village, 21 km west of the town and 2 km away from the Srebarna Reserve, 9 bungalows with 40 beds in two- and four-bed rooms, reservations at the Tourist Association in Silistra, regular bus transport to the town).

Half of all apricot orchards of Bulgaria grow in the region of Silistra.

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