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Landmarks in Toutrakan

Much of the construction of the old buildings in the town were influenced by the Romanian architecture (one can at once notice the corrugated iron roofs). On top of the town hills Sheremetitsa and Teketo one can have a panoramic view of the Danube River and the plain around the Romanian town of Oltenitsa on the opposite side.

The Danubian Fishing and Boat Construction Museum, one in the county, is situated in Toutrakan (tel.: 0857 2152). It is housed in the solid building of the old town bath. Among the 500 exhibits depicting the history of fishing from ancient times till present day one can see nets, harpoons, anchors difans (fishing nets 150 m long), fishing boats typical of Toutrakan and the like. The towns Museum of History is housed in an old house. Remains of an ancient fortress and a medieval settlement.

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