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Accommodation in Turgovishte

The Mizia Hotel (in the centre of the town, 1 Svoboda Square, tel.: 0601 23753, fax: 0601 24693). Belia Lav Hotel (The White Lion) (2, Skopie Str.). Chervenata Kashta Hotel (The Red House) (in the eastern part of the town, 40, Antim I Str.). Belia Kon Motel (White Horse) (on the way Sofia-Varna). Rai Hotel Complex (Paradise) (on the way Sofia-Varna). The Polyanitsa Motel (in the region of Polyanitsa). The Borovets House of Tourism (situated in the park of the same name at the south-eastern end of the town, 20 min. walk away from the centre). It has entire disposal of 78 places, 1 suite and two-, four-, five-, and six-bed rooms. All above establishments have restaurants. There are many other places in the town offering original Bulgarian food. Here are two of them: Maikop (11, St. Karadga Str.) and the Roden Kat Tavern (Native Place) (Tsar Osvoboditel Str.).

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